Square Root Calculation

Square root is a reverse calculation of square. quare root is often difficult to calculate.

Suppose a number called a, you can think of a number multiplied by the same number a. The number is, a x a, often notated as a2.

We say a2 is a square of a.

Now we consider the reverse calculation of square. That is, when a number b is given, to find a number c where b = c2. We notate as √b = c.

While calculating a square is relatively easy, calculating a squareroot is often a labor.

Here is a form for calculating a squareroot.

Square root of :

* Please do not enter a negative number. The formula above cannot handle the negative number.

* Mathematically, a number has two square roots, one is plus and the other is minus. On the formula above, it shows only the plus one.

Square Calculation

Here is a form for calucating Square.

Square of :

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