Rugby Points and Victory Points Calculation

This page calculates rugby points and victory points.
Enter the points for two teams; the program automatically calculates the total points and victory points.

team A
team B
Conversion Goal
Penalty Goal
Drop Goal
team Ateam B
Victory Points
Num of Tries

How to Calculate

Points will be:

  • Try: 5
  • Conversion Goal: 2
  • Penalty Goal: 3
  • Drop Goal: 3

Victory poins will be:

  • Win: 4
  • Draw: 2
  • Lose: 0

There are additional regulations for victory points:

  • A team with four or more tries will get one victory point, whether they win, draw, or lose.
  • A lost team within seven or fewer differences will get one victory point.

* These additional regulations are based on World Cup 2019.

For Football Victory Points, see here.


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