Calculating Kinetic energy from Mass and Velocity

A moving material has kinetic energy. You can calculate the energy value by entering the material's mass and velocity.

Enter the mass in kg, and enter the velocity in m/s, then get the kinetic energy in J.

Mass kg
Velocity m/s

Kinetic energy: [J] ( [kgf・m] )

Kinetic Energy(J) = 1/2 x Mass(kg) x Velocity(m/s)2

When the velocity becomes x2, then the kinetic energy becomes x4.
When the velocity becomes x10, then the kinetic energy becomes x100.

This means that a car with 60 mph has four times kinetic energy, compared to a car with 30 mph.

Mile per Hour

The following calculator supports mph.

Mass kg
Velocity mph

Kinetic Energy: [J]( [kgf・m] )


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