building-to-land ratio, floor-to-land ratio.

When you build a house, you cannot use all the ground as a house. The max building areas and the max floor spaces are proportional to the grounds.

  • building-to-land ratio: building area ÷ ground area
  • floor-to-land ratio: total floor space ÷ ground area

When your house's 1st floor is 50m2 and 2nd floor is 30m2, the total floor space will be 80m2.

Building area, floor space, grounds → building-to-land ratio, floor-to-land ratio

grounds m2
building m2
floor area m2
building-to-land ratio(%)
floor-to-land ratio(%)

ground, building-to-land ration, floor-to-land ratio grounds → Building area, floor space,

grounds m2
building-to-land ratio %
floor-to-land ratio %
floor area(m2)

Building-to-land ratio and floor-to-land ratio varies grounds to grounds, you could ask the local municipal office.


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