Night-time Extra Wages Calculator

Entering work time(start - end), break time(start - end), and hourly pay will output your wages.

In Japan, extra wages for work at night (10:00 PM - 05:00 AM) is 25% or more. And also, additional wages for overtime (more than 8 hours per day) is 25% or more.

Work time
Break time 1
Break time 2

If the break start time and end time are at the same time, it is considered no break.

Hourly Pay Yen

Night Wage: yen/hour (Standard + yen/hour)

Work Time
Hours MinutesYen
Work at Night
Hours Minutes+Yen
Overtime(above 8 hours)
Hours Minutes+Yen

In the above calculation, the extra wages at night and the extra wages for overtime are both assumed to be 25%.


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